Cost Effective ICO Marketing Solution

The Challenge

  • Timing for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) has never been better.
  • New coins and ICOs are being rushed to market on a weekly basis.
  • Its marketing that’s driving pledges and accelerates the growth of ICOs!
  • Founding teams miss out on marketing opportunities to achieve greater sales of tokens, mostly due to low quality campaign assets, uncoordinated execution and poor visibility on digital channels.
  • Competition is increasing and a simple “whitepaper” no more gets the job done.
  • Presentation needs GOOD graphics — focused but with a proper design.
Successful ICOs that did well on their Content Marketing

The Head

Yaroslav Belkin

Head of Marketing at Cointelegraph Events|Founder & CEO at Belkin Digital Marketing Agency.

  • 10+ years experience in digital marketing with over 70 projects of leading world brands
  • Extensive experience in PR and GR, marketing strategy consulting for major European and Asian companies with specialization on Asian regions

The Marketing


  • Crypto Media — crypto media are not writing about ICOs as they are not sure if an ICO is a scam or ill-formed.
  • Regular Media — regular media tend to write about an ICO AFTER it’s over if it raises heavy sums. They write about it in advance only if there is something very special about them.
  • User Influenced Media — user influenced media like Social Media are where the most leverage is available for an ICO to market itself directly and indirectly.

ICO Rating Platforms

  • Rating agency examines information that is currently available, as well as evaluates the potential impact of anticipated future events.
  • This is why it is essential that your brand is positioned for success and is impeccable in its presentation bringing in confidence to these rating agencies.

Opinion Leaders, Trendsetters, Influencers, Advisors.

  • Buzz Marketing — aiming at creating a buzz around its ICO, product, team and future are essential to the success of an ICO.
  • Investor Relations — a mix of traditional investor relations will help the ICO win faster, win bigger. The bigger the funding it receives in the initial period after launch, the better its success and social proof.
  • Product Marketing — ICOs lately are very focused on ICO and its fund raising that they miss out on the product’s importance. Focusing on the product, technology and marketing these areas are essential to instill confidence in the investors. It’s the product they are investing in, not gambling on the ICO price spikes.
  • Social Referrals & Bounties — the most successful marketing tactic observed in ICOs currently are social referrals — individuals referring others to invest. The market is in its nascent stage. Most investors are willing to invest but do not know how. Early adopters help them through the educative and investing process and earning referral profits through it.

Areas of Marketing Focus

Conscious: These are factors used by investors/individuals to decide/judge if this is a good ICO to invest in. These are conscious and logical factors.

  • Trust Factor.
  • Background of Founders.
  • Team (Founding, Advisory, Technology, etc.).
  • Experience of each member in the team.
  • Code — code on GitHub and its quality.
  • Practicality — logical possibility of making the project happen overtime.
  • Product Focused vs ICO Focused — is the ICO focused on a great product or just a quick cash raising through an ICO?
Real product focused ICOs

Unconscious: These are factors that influence them unconsciously, but still has a profound impact on their judgement to invest.

  • Design — a great, innovative, flawless and symmetrical design greatly influences and increases investment success in an ICO.
  • Social Proof — social proof through increased social followers, positive social references, increased interest from audience in investing, etc, can help propel the ICO towards greater success.

1. ICO KEY Consulting

Strategic input to your campaign concept, including data analytics, marketing channels selection, content and campaign assets & partnerships.

The Marketing process

The Marketing Process

We’ll identify growth hacks / low hanging fruit to enable you to make rapid improvements, while providing strategic input and long term outlook.

The Marketing Planning process

2. Assets preparation

We create, design & develop your ICO campaign assets to give you a professional look and build credibility. Designs can ‘make or break’ the campaign. We conduct thorough research of suitable designs for your particular market, helping push more sales.

Your CTA should clearly tell your potential investors how to participate:

Humaniq CTA
  • Web development of frontend assets to support your campaign.
  • Design the whitepaper to attractively deliver the content/concept.
  • Content creation & strategy, including pitch decks design, optimization.
  • Move beyond white papers and infographics. As ICOs are becoming competitive, content that compels wins. And remember these are potential investors, address them as such.

A true blend of thought leadership, credibility, channel creation and research must go into a credible ICO launch. If you can throw an amazing educational curricula in there to boot, success is certain.

3. Campaign execution

Total visibility on relevant placements to drive ICO pledges across all relevant channels through paid & organic media. This is essential to ensure that your target audience knows that you are conducting an ICO.

  • Content Marketing: by creating branded profiles in 65+ top digital channels and distributing channel specific branded content promoting ICO and the product.
  • Focusing on all Call To Actions of all digital assets to ICO crowd sales page.
  • We work together with your team to drive crowd sales.
  • We design, develop and distribute your campaign assets.
  • Channels include: Google Search, YouTube, Display banners on relevant sites, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Steemit, and more.
Some of the content promotion channels

Niche Platforms

It is never about how many channels you own, but the strength of each. A site, a blog, social profiles, newsletters, community board presence. Each and every single touchpoint needs to be strategized. All 65+ channels need to be optimized for maximum impact.

Niche content distribution platforms

Our Differentiators

  • We help brands grow online — measured with revenue, traffic or engagement.
  • Crypto & fintech startup marketing experience.
  • Well connected in the fintech and crypto ecosystems.

Next Steps

  • ICO KEY Consultation — one off meeting with our experts to get your launch strategy into shape.
  • Assets preparation — from assets design, copywriting to website development. Let us help you make a great first impression and build trust with potential investors, while you focus on product & technical development.
  • Campaign execution — let Content Marketing do its magic of making you known everywhere! Our experienced team can work in tandem with your team to support your crowd sale so that you can focus on other activities during the busy campaign period.


Prices start from $14 900 per month

All packages include:

  • Unlimited KEY Consulting.
  • Website Design & Development.
  • All asset designs.
  • Whitepaper design.
  • Handholding from start to finish of ICO process on marketing areas.
  • The fee includes a basic ad management in social media channels. If you’d like increased ads and exposure, additional budgets can be explored.
  • Email Sequences and Marketing Automation to engage, re-engage and compel users to join.

Contact Us to Get Started on Your Cost Effective ICO




For 14 years, Belkin Marketing has brought success to 91+ clients in the blockchain and digital marketing space while respecting the crypto community values.

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Belkin Marketing Team

Belkin Marketing Team

For 14 years, Belkin Marketing has brought success to 91+ clients in the blockchain and digital marketing space while respecting the crypto community values.

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