How Etherecash Raised 40 MILLION In Record Time With A Forward-Thinking ICO

Etherecash is a peer-to-peer lending platform with a mission: “To revolutionize the way we lend, buy, and sell and remove the boundaries in the world of finance.”


Etherecash had the mission and the voice — they just lacked any way to communicate that to their audience. With a mess of disorganized social media accounts, a confused email strategy, and no sales funnels, Etherecash was floundering.

  • Few social media accounts, with existing accounts poorly branded and lacking identity and engagement.
  • Sub-par content, with no clear calls-to-action and no content marketing strategies.
  • No tracking or advanced audience targeting techniques to help improve campaign throughout ICO.
  • No content marketing, with existing content being largely unfinished promotional messages.
  • Bulk mailing and subscriber mailing were being sent out together, with no organization, leading to their MailChimp account being banned
  • Confused branding, with scattered accounts and the unattractive brand name ‘EB Pro 3’


With Etherecash’s online presence organized, their results exploded. A clear online presence helped them reach their audience and make confident sales. Great content and well-developed sales funnels created the perfect formula for an incredibly successful campaign.

  • Quality content with strong, clear calls-to-action.
  • Well-developed content marketing and content redistribution, with great articles recycled into everything from podcasts to videos and captioned visually-appealing images.
  • 65+ strong, organized social media platforms, all actively distributing quality branded content.
  • Targeted email marketing campaigns and funnels, with an automation-focused approach that used contact scoring, hyper-personalized emails, and list segmentation to quickly turn engaged subscribers into ICO participants.
  • Strong reputation obtained, with our team reaching out to third party ratings groups and obtaining a 4+ ICO rating.
  • Media and PR coverage at a discounted price through our proactive efforts, reputation and network we’ve built over the years.
  • Reputed advisers with successful blockchain & ICO experience added to the board of advisors to bring success to the ICO and team through their expertise and experience.
  • Great engagement results across social media accounts, with positive feedback and posts from engaged, excited fans.
  • 15,278 total pieces of quality content distributed across Etherecash’s 65+ branded platforms which we set up.
  • Comprehensive community management, with our team providing responses to questions and comments from across social media platforms.
  • Up-to-date social media, keeping all contributors and leads in the loop and engaged.
  • Heat map on website was produced for conversion and sales optimization.

The Results

With Belkin Marketing & KEY Difference Media’s help, Etherecash drew in over $40 million with 46,000 contributors during their ICO. Their Pre-ICO alone generated $14 million in contributions thanks to a highly targeted, fully developed marketing strategy. Their website drew in thousands of hits, drawing leads into a comprehensive email campaign.

The 65+ social media platforms Belkin Marketing & KEY Difference Media built brought in thousands of new leads and incredibly engagement. Etherecash was able to keep participants involved throughout their ICO, leading to astonishing sales and incredibly involved fans.

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